Current Residence

Alfredo is Rodolfo Rossi's manservant. Described as a rather ugly old man, he is competent in his duties and is loyal to Rodolfo, who trusts Alfredo. He is superstitious enough to follow the Manus Fortunae gesture, despite Rodolfo rebuking him for doing it.

In his first appearance, Alfredo appears at the Scuola Mandoliera to retrieve Lucien and bring him back to Rodolfo's laboratory. He assists with concealing Lucien's coming and going from the laboratory during City of Masks. At the end of the novel, he is mentioned as being an excellent mandolier who is teaching Luciano how to scull his own mandola.

When Luciano goes to Padavia to attend university, Alfredo joins him there as his trusted servant and is privy to the occasional secret visits of Arianna Rossi, the young Duchessa of Bellezza. He is said to be a wonderful cook and willing provides meals to Luciano's friends and guests when they visit.


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