Arcangelo is the horse of the Ram, a chestnut gelding of considerable size. Before the Stellata of 1578, he was regarded as a strong contender to win the race that year with his jockey, Cesare Montalbano. With Cesare's unexpected abduction before the race, the Ram resort to an alternate jockey, Giorgio Gredi.

With Giorgio as his new rider, Arcangelo runs the Stellata in 1578, and wins[1]. The winning horse is honoured alongside Merla and her mother, Starlight, in the Ram during the Twelfth's celebrations. The horse subsequently runs to the special Stellata in September 1578, held in memory of Falco di Chimici, with Cesare as his jockey. Though Arcangelo and Cesare have the chance to win the race, Cesare elects to hold back to allow Cherubino and Zarina, the team from the Lady, win the race.

Arcangelo makes a brief appearance in City of Flowers, shortly before Georgia returns to Remora in order to travel to Giglia upon Merla, restless and apparently sensing the young Stravagante's return. In City of Secrets, he is mentioned as having fathered at least one foal, Fiorella, and appears briefly in City of Ships, when Georgia and Isabella visit Remora.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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