Aurelio Vivoide
Aurelio and raffaella

Manoush, harp player

Current Residence

Aurelio Vivoide is a Manoush harp-player known for his very beautiful music. He is usually accompanied by his sister, Raffaella. Though he is physically blind, he shows a remarkable level of insight of the world around him and expresses calmness even in the most tense atmosphere. However, he is very high-minded and idealistic regarding the traditions of the Manoush, and declines offers from the wealthy, such as the di Chimici.[2]


Aurelio's first appearance in the series occurs in City of Stars, where he appears in Santa Fina, a small town situated near Remora, shortly before the Stellata. His beautiful music attracts the admiration of Luciano Crinamorte, Georgia O'Grady, Cesare Montalbani, as well as two di Chimici princes, Gaetano and his younger brother Falco. Aurelio befriends both groups and the Manoush become an ally to the Stravaganti. When Georgia impulsively reveals that she is a Stravagante, Aurelio wisely suggests that while he understands that she is the bearer of a mysterious power and would not misuse the knowledge, she should be more careful with who she reveals her identity to, particularly given that she does not know whether she or her friends can trust Gaetano and Falco.[2]

When Merla is stolen from the Twelfth of the Ram, Aurelio and the Manoush agree to bring the flying horse back to the Ram if they find her. In the final moments of the Stellata, Aurelio mysteriously calls out to alert all the spectators to the arrival of Merla and Cesare, allowing Georgia to pull ahead and win the race for the Ram. Due to the transient life of the Manoush, Aurelio and the Manoush leave Remora.[2]

He accompanies his sister to Giglia in City of Flowers, where they agree to care for Merla while Georgia remains in Giglia to aid the other Stravaganti during the di Chimici weddings[3]. He is mentioned in City of Secrets by his cousin Ludo, who tells Luciano that his cousins (Aurelio and Rafaella) are in Romula[1]. Aurelio makes an additional brief appearance in City of Ships with his sister and his cousin Ludo in Classe, where they meet Isabella[4].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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