Carlo di Chimici

Prince of Giglia (deceased)
Place of Birth

Current Residence
Niccolo di Chimici, father (deceased)
Benedetta di Chimici, mother (deceased)
Fabrizio II di Chimici, older brother
Beatrice di Chimici, younger sister
Gaetano di Chimici, younger brother
Falco di Chimici, youngest brother
Lucia di Chimici, wife

Carlo di Chimici is the second son of Niccolo di Chimici, introduced in the City of Stars as one of Gaetano's older brothers.


Of Duke Niccolo's four sons, Carlo is described as the heir to Niccolo's business ventures and possesses a good head for numbers, just as Fabrizio has been groomed to be Niccolo's political heir. Niccolo intends for Carlo to inherit the title of Prince of Remora from Niccolo's brother, the Pope Lenient VI, the second most important position in the family.

Carlo is extremely proud and cares greatly for the members of his family, rushing immediately to his youngest brother's side when he learns that Falco has mysteriously fallen ill and will not wake. While Niccolo constantly stays by his youngest son's bedside, Carlo and Fabrizio appear as his representatives in a number of family functions during the Stellata.

After Falco's death, Niccolo decides it would be best to arrange the marriages of his sons and nephews to ensure the di Chimici dynasty will continue. Carlo is arranged to marry his childhood sweetheart and distant cousin, Lucia of Fortezza.

However, as Giglia prepares for the upcoming di Chimici weddings, the feud between the di Chimici and the Nucci family escalates. When Camillo Nucci attempts to poison Niccolo, Carlo retaliates by killing the youngest Nucci son, Davide. The act spurs the Nucci to take revenge upon the di Chimici immediately after the weddings in the Church of Annunciation, where Carlo is stabbed to death.

In the aftermath of his death, his widow Lucia returns to Fortezza while Niccolo arranges for Gaetano to inherit Remora instead of Fortezza, as Niccolo had planned originally. Carlo's death further drives Niccolo to eliminate his enemies, the Nucci and the Stravaganti once and for all, an act that eventually costs Niccolo his life.


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