Carolina di Chimici

Dowager[1] Princess of Fortezza

Current Residence
Jacopo the Elder, husband [2]
Lucia di Chimici, elder daughter
Bianca di Chimici, younger daughter
Alfonso of Volana, son-in-law
Carlo di Chimici, son-in-law (deceased)
Guido Parola, son-in-law

Carolina di Chimici is the wife of Prince Jacopo the Elder. They have two daughters together, Lucia and Bianca. She is the consort Princess of Fortezza.


Carolina has been married to Jacopo for thirty years[3] and capable of managing his moods. She is described as being dark, like her daughter Bianca, in contrast to her daughter Lucia, who takes after Jacopo.

In her appearance in City of Flowers, her exasperated husband tells her that he will leave the business of their daughters' wedding gowns and jewellery to her. Despite his disgruntled comments towards the expenses for Lucia and Bianca's wedding gowns, Carolina is aware that Jacopo is devoted to his daughters and proud of their beauty. During the celebrations leading up to the wedding, Carolina is later mentioned as being seated at the table with the older noblewomen presided over by Isabella of Volana, Bianca's future mother-in-law.

When Jacopo dies in City of Swords, Carolina is left a grieving widow. Her condition is further worsened by the revelation that her husband likely had an illegitimate son, particularly because she feels diminished as Jacopo's wife as she views Ludo Vivoide as the son that she was unable to give her husband. However, Carolina stands by her daughter Lucia, even as the possibility emerges that she and Lucia will be exiled from Fortezza should Ludo and his faction succeed in their rebellion against Lucia and the Fortezzan Signoria, and welcomes the support of Guido Parola as Lucia's protector.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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  2. The di Chimici family tree
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