Stable-boy for the Scorpion
Year of Birth
around 1435[1]
Place of Birth
Scorpion section of Remora[2]

Current Residence

Ciro was a stable-boy for the Scorpion in 1450; how long before that he had worked there is unknown. He was an orphan and after seeing the Manoush play and sing in the Antonio's courtyard wanted nothing more than to join them[2]. After the Scorpion's win of the Stellata in September 1450 Ciro disappeared, never to be seen again (at least in Antonio's lifetime) in Remora; he had left with the Manoush.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • The name Ciro means "Royal"
  • Ciro is never seen in the main series, only in A Sting in the Tail
  1. In A Sting in the Tail, it states he can be no older than 15, and it was the year 1450
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