Rainbow Warrior
Colin Peck
Rock star
Year of Birth
April 1st[1]

Current Residence
United States
Sky Meadows, son
Gloria Peck, mother
Loretta, fourth wife [1]
Two brothers and a sister[1]

Colin Peck, better known by his stage name Rainbow Warrior, is a black rock star and the father of Sky Meadows. He appears in City of Flowers.


Colin Peck was born on a council estate in Clapham Junction on April 1st. He eventually became the rock star Rainbow Warrior and famed across four continents.[1] His mother, Gloria, lived in a house in Esher until being moved to a residential home. He has a strained relationship with his siblings: one brother is a half-hearted record producer, another frequently requested handouts, and his sister works as a nurse, living with her husband in Clapham, but resents him except when she can boast about his success. In his long career, he married three times and fathered eight known children, though his relationship to Sky and Rosalind Meadows was unknown to everyone except the singer himself and his agent, Gus Robinson. He has been married to his fourth wife, Loretta, for six years, and currently resides in Hollywood. Peck retains two residences in England, a mansion in Gloucestershire he keeps for images rather than actually inhabiting and a flat in Highgate.

Colin Peck first met Rosalind Meadows at a concert that her friend Laura persuaded her to attend. Rosalind's shy quiet nature caught his eye and they spent the night together. Rosalind became pregnant with a son, whom she named Sky. Rosalind wrote to Colin to inform him that Sky was his son, sending a picture along with the letter, and that she simply wanted him to know of Sky, asking for nothing in return. While he sends a large cheque to support her financially, which Rosalind accepts, Rosalind keeps to her promise of asking for nothing while she's raising Sky. Touched by her sincerity, he decided to keep Sky a secret and that he would help Rosalind and Sky if they ever needed it. Rosalind regularly wrote letters and sent pictures of Sky to Colin, who kept all of them. When Rosalind became ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Sky secretly attempted to contact his father in hopes of getting help to treat Rosalind, but the letter was lost and Sky developed a bitter attitude towards the father he never met.

Years later, Colin has married his fourth wife, Loretta, who proves to be an enthusiastic and welcoming woman towards all of Colin's children, even those born out of wedlock. Sensing that it is time to meet Sky in person, he undertakes a trip to England to see Rosalind again. Though Sky is not pleased to see his father, he manages to reconcile his personal difficulties with Colin and accepts his offer for Sky to study art in the United States.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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