Dr. Kennedy

General practitioner

Current Residence
Islington, London, England

Dr. Kennedy is a general practitioner in Islington, England. She is the family doctor for the Mulhollands, Georgia O'Grady, and Sky Meadows.


As the Mulhollands' family doctor, Dr. Kennedy has been monitoring Lucien Mulholland's health, particularly after he was diagnosed with cancer, which has since gone into remission. When Lucien has trouble waking up as a result of stravagating, his mother Vicky contacts Dr. Kennedy out of concern that Lucien's cancer is returning. Dr. Kennedy finds no issues with Lucien's health and accepts Lucien's excuse that he had simply been very tired. When Lucien's cancer returns and his spirit is trapped in Talia, Dr. Kennedy refers the Mulhollands to Mr. Laski and Ms. Beaumont, who ultimately conclude that Lucien will not recover and to take him off life-support.

In City of Stars, Dr. Kennedy is mentioned to be Georgia's family doctor, who Georgia sees when her mother is concerned that Georgia is ill and overly exhausted, unaware of Georgia's stravagations. Dr. Kennedy also provides a medical examination for Falco when he mysteriously appears in England and refers him to a specialist who will be able to assess his damaged leg. She reappears in City of Flowers, understandably mystified by the injuries incurred by Nick Duke and Sky Meadows supposedly during a fencing match and then treated and well-stitched together with 16th century style materials.

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