Fausto Ventura

Mosaic maker

Current Residence
Flavia, lover
Andrea, son

Fausto Ventura is the most reknowned mosaic maker in Classe and is a close friend of Flavia and Germano Mariano, the Duke of Classe. His workshop is located in Classe's Via Bellezza.

During City of Ships, Fausto is commissioned by Duke Germano to create a mosaic in the image of Vitale, the African cat given to Germano by the Duchessa of Bellezza. The mosaic-master is briefly employs Filippo Nucci in his workshop when the young man considers working as a mosaic designer, though Fausto quickly admits that Filippo has little talent for the art. In preparation for the Battle of Classe, Germano requests that Fausto's workshop make copies of all the mosaics in the most vulnerable buildings in the city-state in case the buildings are destroyed during the upcoming battle.

After the battle, it is revealed that he and Flavia once had a relationship, when her husband became abusive and consequently it is revealed Andrea is his son[1]. After the battle, he carves a wooden leg for Andrea, who had lost one of his during the Battle of Classe.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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