Fiorentino Rossi
Gaetano mandola ride

Owner of Fiorentino's
Mandolier (formerly)
Year of Birth
Between 1532 and 1537[1]
Place of Birth

Current Residence
Egidio Rossi, older brother
Rodolfo Rossi, younger brother
Silvia Rossi, sister-in-law (and former lover)
Arianna Rossi, niece

Fiorentino Rossi is the second eldest of the three Rossi brothers. He was once a mandolier and a lover of the Duchessa. After retiring at age twenty-five, as all mandoliers must do by law, he used the large pension given to him by the Duchessa to open restaurant on the Piazza Maddalena. The restaurant, Fiorentino's, began modestly but eventually grew to become one of the best restaurants in Bellezza.

Neither Fiorentino nor Egidio ever married, likely because they had been the Duchessa's former lovers and remain devoted to her. The Rossi brothers live across from one another, with a bridge over a canal connecting their residences. At the request of the Duchessa, they take in Guido Parola and teach him how to be a mandolier. In the epilogue of City of Masks, Fiorentino and Egidio praise their niece's sculling skills and later appear with Guido at the new Duchessa's ball for Carnivale.

In City of Stars, both brothers are requested by Rodolfo, the Regent of Bellezza, to escort Gaetano di Chimici and Francesca Albani around the city.

Notes and ReferenceEdit

  1. City of Masks
    Egidio is 45 in City of Masks and Rodolfo was born in 1537; Fiorentino's age is somewhere between his older and younger brothers.
  2. Only Bellezzans can become mandoliers in Bellezza