Francesca di Chimici
Formal Title
Princess Francesca di Chimici of Moresco
Princess of Moresco
Year of Birth

Current Residence
Jacopo and Carlotta di Chimci, parents (deceased)
Falco di Chimici, brother (deceased)
Luisa di Chimici, sister-in-law
Lucia di Chimici, sister (deceased)
Ferrando di Chimici, son
Bianca di Chimici, daughter

Princess Francesca di Chimici is the wife Ferdinando di Chimici, the current Prince of Moresco, who is five years her junior.[1] She is the current Princess of Moresco and a descendant of the Fortezza branch of the di Chimici family.

She has two children, Ferrando and Bianca, both of whom are unmarried.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • Princess Francesca di Chimici has never been seen in the series; only ever seen on the di Chimici family tree
  • Francesca is the oldest member of the di Chimici family at 83
  1. Di Chimici Family Tree

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