Gianfranco Gasparini

Museum curator

Current Residence
Unnamed brother, deceased[1]
Valeria Gasparini, wife
Tommaso Gasparini, son
Angelo Gasparini, son
Leonora Crinamorte, former sister-in-law
Paola Bellini, mother-in-law
Gentile Bellini, father-in-law
Silvia Rossi, sister-in-law
Arianna Rossi, niece and adoptive daughter

Gianfranco Gasparini is the foster-father and uncle of Arianna Gasparini, described as a calm man with grey eyes[2]. He is married to Valeria Bellini and the father of two grown sons, Tommaso and Angelo, who work as fisherman on Merlino. He works as a museum curator on the island of Torrone.


Gianfranco appears to be a kind and loving father; Silvia Bellini mentions that he and Arianna's older brothers spoiled her as a child.[2] He and Valeria are deeply disappointed by Arianna's attempt to remain in Bellezza on the forbidden day after the Marriage with the Sea and punish her by arranging for her to live with Gianfranco's sister-in-law, Leonora, in hopes that Arianna will learn to appreciate her home on Torrone. However, he happily welcomes her back to the islands when she comes to visit and shows her new friend, Lucien, around the museum.

As Arianna's foster-father, he is one of the few people aware that the Duchessa had a child and aided with concealing his foster-daughter's true heritage. When Arianna learns the truth, both Gianfranco and Valeria are heartbroken when they visit her during her imprisonment and apologize for deceiving her, but believe in the fact that the secret will save her life. Gianfranco is later ordered to testify during Arianna's trial and openly reveals that he is not Arianna's birth father but her foster-father. Arianna is released into his care after the trial and she returns to Torrone.

After Arianna becomes Duchessa of Bellezza, she occasionally visits her foster family on Torrone when she is feeling homesick or needs private place to think, away from the political pressures of the Ducal Palace. He appears in City of Swords as a guest at his foster-daughter's wedding.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Leonora is his sister-in-law through his brother, who is never named in the series
  2. 2.0 2.1 City of Masks

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