Giovanni Ortolano
Formal Title
Sculptor, Architect

Maestro Giovanni Ortolano was a great sculptor and architect who made the black and white cathedral in Remora. He is seen in the short story A Sting in the Tail, when he calls for Stellata Straordinaria for the completion of the grand cathedral in 1450. Ortolano also designs a banner for the race that the winner will receive.

When Antonio, the Horsemaster of the Scorpion returns to his stables after meeting the Horsemasters of the Fishes and the Crab, he sees Maestro Ortolano smile at him as he passes the worksite. Years later, after winning the Stellata Straordinaria, Antonio would regard the gesture from the maestro as one of the three omens that changed the Scorpion's luck and end a near century long losing streak.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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