Isabella di Chimici

Dowager Duchessa of Volana

Current Residence

Isabella di Chimici is the Dowager Duchessa of Volana, the wife of the late Fabrizio of Volana. She is the mother of the current duke of Volana, Alfonso di Chimici, as well as Rinaldo di Chimici and Caterina, the Grand Duchessa of Tuschia.


Isabella appears in City of Flowers in Volana, where she and her daughter are preparing for Caterina and Alfonso's weddings in Giglia. Isabella expresses disappointment that Alfonso will be marrying Bianca of Fortezza rather than Duke Niccolo's daughter Beatrice, but understands that he wishes to keep his daughter close by with the recent death of his youngest son, Falco, and the upcoming marriages of his three surviving sons. Though she is pleased with Caterina's advancement in the family by marrying the heir to the di Chimici family, she feels saddened by the loss of her daughter and thinks that she will have to learn to get along with her daughter-in-law.

She later appears during the various celebrations preceding the di Chimici weddings in Giglia, where she presides over the table set for the older noblewomen, including Clarice of Bellona, Carolina of Fortezza, and Graziella Nucci. When the brides are forced to take refuge in the orphanage as the Argento River floods Giglia, Isabella fusses over the brides, particularly her daughter Caterina, attempting to care for them after the massacre in the Church of the Annunciation.

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