municipal councillor

Current Residence
London, England

Laura is Rosalind Meadows's best friend. She appears in City of Flowers.


Laura and Rosalind have been best friends since secondary school, though Rosalind's mother openly disapproved of Laura, describing her as "fast and flighty"[1] and continues to hold that impression of her. Laura took Rosalind to the concert in which she met Rainbow Warrior, and subsequently became pregnant with Sky. Feeling responsible for Rosalind's pregnancy, Laura supported Rosalind whenever she could and would baby-sit Sky often after Rosalind moved to London. At the time, Laura was working as an secretary for a Member of Parliament. A practical minded woman, she convinces Rosalind to accept Rainbow Warrior's financial generosity for Sky's sake and to help pay off her own debts.

Laura eventually became a municipal councillor and works in the appeals court in London. She is a colleague of Jane Scott, the mother of Alice Greaves, and they are both on the city's scrutiny committee. Laura regularly visits Rosalind and Sky, and while her visits are always welcome, her concern is sometimes acerbic, particularly when she provides Rosalind with a negative impression of Paul Greaves, Jane's ex-husband, when Rosalind develops an interest in him.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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