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Leonora Gasparini's unnamed late husband is the older brother of Gianfranco Gasparini. He died a few years before the events of City of Masks and was buried on the Isola dei Morti, an island off the coast of Merlino that serves as a cemetery.[2]

He and Leonora married when she was eighteen.[3] Little else is known about him, though Leonora mentions that Senator Rossi had helped him once. The couple did not have any children. Most of Signor Gasparini's wealth, made from selling trinkets to tourists[2], was left to Leonora and has allowed her to live comfortably at a house with a fine garden with a stone fountain in Bellezza.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. He is the older brother of Gianfranco Gasparini so it can be assumed that he has the same surname
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    Leonora: "...And you know we marry young in the lagoon. I wore [a mask] only two years myself."
    Unmarried women must begin wearing a mask when they turn sixteen.