Current Residence
United States
Colin Peck, husband
Gloria Peck, mother-in-law[1]

Loretta is the fourth wife of Colin Peck. She is described as a "leggy Colombian model" who has been married to Rainbow Warrior for six years[1]. She resides with her husband at his Hollywood home in the United States.

A vivacious and welcoming woman, Loretta has shown herself to be a kind and gracious woman. For one of her husband's birthdays, Loretta invites all his children and grandchildren, along with Colin's ex-wives and girlfriends, to attend his birthday parties. Though she is somewhat saddened that she has no children of her own with Colin, she accepts his children by other women with a warm demeanor. However, she is unaware of Sky Meadows until Colin is compelled to visit the son he never knew in England. Upon meeting Sky and Rosalind, Loretta is friendly and extends an invitation for Sky to visit his father's home in the United States.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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