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Lucy is Jago Jones's girlfriend. A student at Barnsbury Comprehensive, she is in the same year as Jago.

Jago began dating Lucy after Ayesha had dumped him a year before she began a relationship with Matt Wood. Matt describes her as "OK", but not as beautiful as Ayesha, which fuels Matt's insecurities as he wonders if Jago regrets breaking up with Ayesha.

When Jago falls ill as a result of the Evil Eye that Matt has cast on him, Matt wonders why Lucy isn't by Jago's side while Ayesha is. Lucy's absence causes Matt to believe that she and Jago have broken up and Jago has gotten back together with Ayesha. When Lucy returns, Matt is mystified as to why she seems so happy. He later learns from Alice Greaves that Lucy had been on vacation with her family in Paris when Jago had fallen ill. At her request, her family cut their vacation short to make sure Jago is alright.

Having returned after Jago's illness was cured, Lucy appeared to be relieved that Jago is steadily recovering when Alice invites her to coffee with Matt and his friends, during which Alice has a heart-to-heart talk with her. When Alice mentions that Lucy and Jago seem as devoted to one another as before, Matt realizes that Lucy and Jago had not broken up at all and that Ayesha had never gotten back together with Jago.

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