The Manoush are goddess worshippers who live a transient lifestyle. They travel from place-to-place, never living permanently in one place and always sleep under the stars (never sleeping under a roof). The few Manoush who marry outside of their people often give up their transient lives and settle down to live in one place.

The Manoush are distinct for their colourful clothing and are usually dark-skinned and dark-haired. Many of them are known for playing musical instruments like flutes, recorders, tambourines, and fiddles, and for singing.[1] They also carry a deep reverence for horses, especially flying horses, which they refer to as zhou volou.

In City of Secrets around thirty Manoush are imprisoned in Padavia after the city's governor passes laws prohibiting occult practices, including goddess-worship. In spite of the risk, the Manoush celebrated the Day of the Dead with the worship of the Goddess, which lead to the arrest and sentencing to burning of all the Manoush men, women, and children. They are saved by the Stravaganti who were present in the city and given refuge in Bellezza by the Duchessa. As thanks, they play music at the wedding of Marco and Barbara, considering the couple and all the others who saved them in Padavia as honorary Manoush.[2]

Another notable event involving the Manoush occured in 1450, when Indro Vivoide was the jockey for the Scorpion in the special Stellata[3].

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