Maria Maddalena Landini


About 60[1]

Current Residence

Maria Maddalena Landini is an elderly midwife from Bellezza. She most notably delivered Arianna Gasparini, the daughter of Silvia Bellini.

When Arianna stands trial for being in Bellezza during the forbidden day after the Marriage with the Sea, Silvia manages to arrange for Signora Landini to stand as a witness to prove Arianna was actually born in Bellezza. Signora Landini testifies that she was the midwife who delivered Arianna, the daughter of a gentlewoman, and was then escorted to Torrone on the same night according to an agreement that had been arranged by the gentlewoman. Signora Landini brought the infant to the house of Gianfranco Gasparini and his wife Valeria and was given payment for her services as agreed. When the Council presses for details regarding the identity of Arianna's birth mother, Signora Landini does not believe she needs to answer the question, which the Duchessa also dismisses as irrelevant to the case.

Signora Landini subsequently appears when Arianna stands for election to become the new Duchessa of Bellezza. She reveals that Arianna's mother, which she previously did not divulge, was previous Duchessa, which secures Arianna's election to become Duchessa.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. City of Masks
    "Please give your name, Signora," he said.
    "Maria Maddalena Landini," said the woman, who was plump and about sixty years of age.
  2. City of Masks

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