Merlino is an island that is part of the city-state of Bellezza, located in the lagoons that surround the city. Its Italian equivalent is the Venetian island of Murano.

The island of Merlino is the largest of the three lagoon islands of Bellezza. Merlino contains a school, which Arianna Gasparini attended, as well as a market and shops selling luxuries from the mainland. The islands forming Merlino also include the Isola dei Morti ("Island of the Dead"), smaller island utilized as a cemetery.

Merlino is famous for their Merlino daggers, which fishermen carve from the bones of merlino fish that have washed ashore. However, a live merlino fish has not been seen for many years, driving up the value of existing merlino daggers. Most of the fisherman on the island maintain their livelihood from selling and making daggers rather than fishing.

The island is also well known for its glassmaking and the infamous story of the Glass Master, a glassmaker commissioned by a previous Duchessa of Bellezza to make her a glass mask. When she tripped while dancing, the mask shattered and presumably scarred her. Because she had been very vain, she wore a mask for the rest of her life and made it a law that all unmarried women above the age of sixteen were required to wear masks as well. The Glass Master was ordered to create a replica of the glass mask she wore and died of a fever after completing the mask. The glass mask remains on display in the glass museum on Merlino.

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  • For information on Murano see here

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