Paul Greaves


Current Residence
Devon, England
Alice Greaves, daughter
Jane Scott, ex-wife[2]

Paul Greaves is the father of Alice Greaves and a wealthy solicitor who lives in Devon. He first appears in City of Stars.


Paul, the only son of a middle-class family from Devon, met Jane Scott at university. She had been a political activist and the leader of the Student Union at the time and it was unexpected that they would get together. Shortly after Alice was born, they divorced and Paul moved back to Devon after Alice's grandparents died. Alice lived with her mother, who eventually became a councillor for the Labour Party, and would visit her father regularly. Though Paul and Jane get along well, Alice mentions their last big argument involved where Alice would attend secondary school; Paul wanted Alice to attend a boarding school in Devon while Jane wanted Alice to attend a local comprehensive school in Barnsbury, where she and Alice had recently moved. Alice did not like the boarding school, so she was allowed to return to Barnsbury to attend Barnsbury Comprehensive. In Devon, Paul owns several stables, where Alice's horse Truffle resides.[3]

In City of Flowers, Paul meets Rosalind Meadows, the mother of Sky Meadows, who had recently begun dating Alice, when she and Sky are visiting Rosalind's mother Joyce in Devon. Rosalind takes to Paul right away, who proves to be friendly and considerate to her and Sky, though Rosalind's friend Laura warns Rosalind that the reason why Paul and Jane broke up was supposedly because Paul had been too controlling with Jane and sure that he was right about everything. However, his relationship with Rosalind appears to be happy and he genuinely likes Sky, though both he and Sky admit it is rather awkward for Paul and Rosalind to be dating while Sky is in a relationship with Alice.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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