Raffaella Vivoide
Aurelio and raffaella


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Raffaella Vivoide is a Manoush and the sister of Aurelio, whom Raffaella often accompanies. She is described as a woman with a striking appearance who dresses in the colourful clothing of the Manoush. She is somewhat blunter than Aurelio and seems to speak when she feels it is necessary. Unlike her brother, she is considerably more pragmatic and practical, particularly with money as she usually will silently collect coins that people offer when Aurelio plays his harp.[2]

During City of Stars, Raffaella remains in the company of her brother and agrees to help the Twelfth of the Ram locate Merla, the flying horse, if she is found by the Manoush. She vocally expresses that the Manoush will not steal horses when a concerned Cesare suggests that whoever finds Merla may wish to keep her.[2]

Raffaella makes minor appearances in subsequent books, including appearing in City of Flowers, where she meets with Georgia O'Grady on the outskirts of Giglia to receive Merla and look after the flying horse during each of Georgia's stravagations[3]. She is mentioned in City of Secrets, when her cousin Ludo Vivoide tells Luciano that Rafaella and Aurelio are in Romula[1]. Her appearance in City of Ships is limited to meeting Isabel Evans, with her brother and cousin when the Manoush are travelling through Classe[4].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • Raffaella has been at least mentioned in every book since her first appearance in City of Stars
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