Ralph Lewis


Current Residence
Islington, London, England
Russell Lewis, son
Liz, daughter[1]
Unnamed ex-wife
Maura O'Grady, second wife
Georgia O'Grady, stepdaughter

Ralph Lewis is the father of Russell Lewis and Georgia O'Grady's stepfather after he married Maura O'Grady.


Ralph is an electrician, divorced from his first wife, who left him, taking their daughter with her. As a result, he raised their son, Ralph, virtually on his own. Several years later, he happily married Maura and they both hope that their children will learn to get along. Ralph is described as a fair man and can be good company, so long as he doesn't have to worry about money or mealtimes being interrupted by quarrels in the family[2].

Throughout City of Stars, Ralph is unaware of the abuse that Russell inflicts on Georgia. His attitude towards his stepdaughter is genuinely friendly. Though he expresses irritation that her riding lessons are expensive, he respects her interests and passes along things that may interest her, like when he notices a television program featuring the Palio in Siena, Italy - a horse race that resembles the Stellata in Remora. As Georgia grows more confident and certain of herself in Talia, her mentor Paolo Montalbano notices that Georgia has grown to accept Ralph as one of her parents and he is someone that she feels she can trust. Towards the end of the novel, he and Maura witness first-hand Russell's cruelty towards Georgia and Ralph expresses remorse that he did not notice Russell's behavior sooner[3].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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    Russell had a much older sister, Liz, who had gone with his mother when she left him and Ralph.
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