Rosalind Meadows

late 30s

Current Residence
Islington, London, England
Sky Meadows, son
Joyce Meadows, mother
Geoffrey Meadows, father
Remedy, cat [1]

Rosalind Meadows is the mother of Sky Meadows. She appears in City of Flowers.


When Rosalind was a young woman, she attended a rock concert with her friend Laura. Her shy quiet attitude attracted the attention of the rock star Rainbow Warrior and they shared a night together. Rosalind became pregnant with Sky, whom she decided to raise on her own. However, she sent Rainbow Warrior a letter informing him that Sky was his son but did not ask for anything. Touched by Rosalind's sincerity, he began keeping all the letters she sent to him and decided to keep Sky a secret from others, hoping one day to help them if they needed it.

To raise Sky, Rosalind was encouraged by her mother Joyce to move to London away from their small town to avoid being showered with negative attention. Rosalind became an aromatherapist and lived in a flat with her son and their cat Remedy. However, Rosalind became ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; unknown to her, Sky attempts to contact Rainbow Warrior in hopes of getting help for Rosalind. The letter was lost and Rainbow Warrior never knew that Rosalind had become sick.

Rosalind eventually recovered from her sickness enough to continue working, encouraging her son not to worry as much about her and to spend more time with his friends or pursuing his interests. After Sky begins dating Alice Greaves, Rosalind ends up dating Alice's father Paul, resulting in some awkwardness in Sky's relationship with Alice.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. City of Flowers

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