Santa Fina is a town located near the city-state of Remora, approximately 10 miles north[1]. It is the Talian equivalent of the town of San Gimignano[2].

The town consists mostly of towers and churches, but its picturesque qualities make it a popular location for tourists. The local church is famous for its paintings, which depict images of Christ along with scenes from classical mythology such as Leda and the Swan, Andromeda and the Sea-Serpent, and Pegasus. Behind the church is a small shop run by a woman known as La Mandragola, who makes granita described as "exquisite".[3]

After the birth of Merla, the Montalbani family decide to conceal the winged horse and her mother Starlight in the stables of the Horsemaster of Santa Fina, Roderigo, knowing that he is a trusted friend. However, his stable hand Diego betrays the secret of the winged horse to Enrico Poggi, who steals Merla away for the di Chimici for most of the Stellata.

Santa Fina is also home to the summer palace of the di Chimici family and known for its vast library. The palace was built by Duke Alfonso di Chimici, the father of Niccolo di Chimici. Falco di Chimici resides at the palace for most of his stay during the Stellata of 1578, where he recalls how he spent his childhood there with his brother Gaetano.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • To see more on the real city of San Gimignano, see here.
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    They were heading for a place that had been a favourite haunt of theirs in years gone by, a tiny shop behind the church, where a woman known as La Mandragola made exquisite granita.

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