Baker's daughter, Duchessa's double

Current Residence

Simonetta worked as a double for Silvia Bellini, the Duchessa of Bellezza once, during the Feast of the Maddalena. She is the daughter of a baker.[1]

As part of her duties as the substitute Duchessa, she walked towards the Church of the Maddalena across a bridge of boats and attended the church service the Duchessa had been expected to attend, following instructions as to where to stand and kneel. However, upon the end of the church service, Simonetta is terrified and confused when she cannot locate the state mandola, where she had expected to return to find the true Duchessa and be paid for her services. Instead, she finds herself being led away by the Reman Ambassador, Rinaldo di Chimici, who had attempted to arrange for the Duchessa's assassination and use Simonetta as a puppet.

However, the assassination fails when the assassin, Guido Parola is stopped by Lucien Mulholland. Simonetta manages to maintain the impersonation upon arrival to the Ducal Palace, despite her fears that something had gone wrong given the specificity of the Duchessa's senior waiting-woman, Susanna, that her duties should have ended half-an-hour earlier. To the young girl's relief, Susanna appears at the Ducal Palace and ushers her away to be changed. Silvia swaps places with Simonetta before the Duchessa's formal appearance at the Maddalena Feast at the Ducal Palace, much to Rinaldo's uncertainty and fear.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. City of Masks

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