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Mary Hoffman has announced there will be a sixth book, City of Swords, which will be released in 2012

The Stravaganza Wiki has gotten a new look (thanks JoePlay for the banners!)

City of Ships was nominated for the Carnegie Medal


Di Chimici family tree

Di Chimici

The di Chimici are a powerful ruling family of Talia, controlling six of the city-states of Talia. The young head of the family, Grand Duke Fabrizio di Chimici, succeeded his father, Niccolo di Chimici, with the intention of fulfilling his father's ambitions of uniting all of Talia under the di Chimici rule. To achieve this end, the di Chimici will stop at nothing to gain power; their control extends to the Church, where the current Pope Lenient VI is also member of the family. They are enemies of the Stravaganti, and Fabrizio has a particular vendetta against Luciano Crinamorte.

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City of swords

The latest book in the series: City of Swords! The new book features a new Stravagante, Laura, and is set in Fortezza.

There are some choices you can only make once. You can't go back to where you made a choice and then take the other one.

Georgia O'Grady, City of Flowers


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