Current Residence
Islington, London, England

Tom is Lucien Mullholland's best friend during his life in London. He visits Lucien as soon as Lucien feels comfortable with having visitors after beginning his chemotherapy treatments. During his visit with Lucien, Tom relates all the latest gossip at school and how he would like to invite a girl named Katie to an upcoming dance at school. It is also mentioned that Tom is captain of the swimming team at school.

Lucien invites him over to his house again on the day that he intends to secretly stravagate to Bellezza to view Rodolfo's special Maddalena fireworks, hoping that Tom's visit will dissuade his parents from worrying if they find that he is unable to wake up. Tom willingly comes over to visit, bringing CDs and photos from the dance and reveals that he has gotten together with Katie. Though he feels guilty for sending Tom home early with the excuse that he feels tired, Lucien also notices how Tom appears both disappointed and possibly relieved or understanding regarding Lucien's condition.

At the end of City of Masks, Tom attends Lucien's funeral and reads a poem for him. When Lucien's parents remark about a strange man in black velvet, Tom admits to not knowing the man, though he comments that the man seems like a good sort of person even if he is dressed oddly.

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