Tommaso Gasparini

Year of Birth

Current Residence
Gianfranco and Valeria Gasparini, parents
Angelo Gasparini, younger brother
Arianna Rossi, cousin and foster-sister
Paola Bellini, grandmother
Gentile Bellini, grandfather
Silvia Rossi, aunt

Tommaso Gasparini is the cousin and foster-brother of Arianna Rossi. He is a fisherman on Merlino with his brother Angelo. His trade also includes crafting Merlino daggers from the bones of Merlino fish.

Tommaso, with his brother Angelo, appears in City of Masks, taking their younger sister to the Marriage with the Sea in the twenty-fifth year of the Duchessa's reign. When Arianna slips away from her older brothers, the brothers spend the next morning searching for their sister near the edge of Bellezza in hopes of finding her before she is caught in the city on the forbidden day after the Marriage with the Sea. He and Angelo return to Merlino after Arianna is found and returned to Torrone.

The Gasparini brothers both possess Merlino daggers, a privilege obtained from their trade as fisherman, and have promised Arianna a dagger of her own when she turns sixteen - a promise that they fulfill. He and Angelo care deeply for Arianna and Silvia mentions that she knew that Arianna's brothers and her foster-father Gianfranco would spoil her. Neither brother appears to have been aware that Arianna was actually their cousin rather than their sister; after Arianna's true heritage is revealed, they still regard her as their sister.[3] Tommaso and Angelo later attend Arianna's wedding to Luciano Crinamorte as members of the bride's family.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Based on his age in City of Masks
  2. City of Masks
    "You haven't been coming to the Marriage that long."
    "Nearly," said Tommaso. "Our parents first brought me when I was five and that was twenty years ago."
  3. City of Masks
    "It's the least we can expect," said the second, "specially now that our little sister is Duchessa."

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