Torrone is a small island in the city-state of Bellezza, located in the lagoons of surrounding the city. The island's Italian equivalent is the Venetian island of Torcello.

The island has a tiny but ancient cathedral with a museum, where Gianfranco Gasparini is the curator. The cathedral was built centuries ago when Bellezza was still a swamp, but is a popular tourist attraction known for its beautiful silver mosaics.

The island frequently trades with Merlino and Burlesca, but is otherwise quiet. Because the island is quite small, it lacks a school; Arianna Gasparini went by boat to the neighbouring island of Merlino to attend school. Most of the islanders are too older for childbearing and there are few families on the island; as a result, Arianna Gasparini had no contemporaries growing up on Torrone.

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  • For information on Torcello see here

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