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How cross Mariotto would be to see me giving you treats when you haven't even been for a run. But he had to stay behind and look after the rest of your family. I hope you don't miss them, my handsome boy, but you are going to be very happy here, I know.

Arianna Rossi

Vitale is an African cat that is given to Germano Mariano, the Duke of Classe, by Arianna Rossi, the Duchessa of Bellezza. The cat is one of the offspring of the pair originally given to Arianna by Niccolo di Chimici, the Duke of Giglia. Though he is large by nature of being an African cat, he is still smaller than his brother, Rigello. Vitale is often seen by Germano's side during the events of City of Ships.

Arianna describes him as one of the most lively of her African cats, inspiring her to name the cat Vitale, after the patron saint of Classe. Germano takes to the creature quickly and commissions Fausto Ventura to design and build a mosaic in the cat's image in the house where Vitale will reside. In spite of Vitale's appearance, he is very gentle and soon accompanies Duke Germano on some ceremonial occasions, pleasing everyone by always behaving beautifully.

While Germano's wife, Anna, is somewhat more hesitant around the African cat, she gradually becomes fond of Vitale as well. However, when Germano dies during the Battle of Classe, she is unable to take the cat with her when she leaves the ducal palace to reside with one of her daughters. Vitale is inherited by the Germano's successor as the Duke of Classe, Filippo Nucci.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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