Vittorio Massi

Year of Death
Current Residence
Giuliana Massi, daughter (deceased)
Unnamed wife (deceased)[1]

Vittorio Massi is the father of Giuliana Massi. He is Bellezzan born and described as a big man with broad shoulders.

He makes a brief appearance in City of Masks, when he confronts Giuliana's fiancé, Enrico Poggi, whom Vittorio has never liked. As Giuliana has disappeared without a word, Vittorio assumes that she must have run off with Enrico right before their wedding. Both men are surprised when they learn that neither of them know of Giuliana's whereabouts and are further baffled by the fact that she left her entire dowry behind.[2]

Vittorio reappears in City of Swords, where he is described as being ravaged by the mysterious disappearance of his daughter, followed by the death of his wife. He has stopped working and has been living day to day from hand-outs by friends and relatives. After the Duchessa's grandmother finds the silver left behind by Giuliana, the Duchessa decides to give the silver to Vittorio and reveals to him that Giuliana died in the Glass Room as the previous Duchessa's double after an assassin hired by Rinaldo di Chimici was commissioned to kill the previous Duchessa.[1]

An enraged Vittorio blames Rinaldo for causing Giuliana's death and takes the opportunity to assault Rinaldo when he unexpectedly arrives in Bellezza as the new Pope for the wedding of the Duchessa and Luciano Crinamorte. Vittorio dies alongside Rinaldo when they are both shot by guards acting as security for the wedding.[1]

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